Nancy Georges, The Retail Miss Fix-itNancy Georges is a retail strategist, with over 20 years experience, and founder of both Magnolia Solutions and Paper Magnolia. Nancy’s career began in retail, as a Grace Bros Management Cadet, then wholesale and manufacturing in Marketing Manager & Product Manager roles for a wide range of retail environments and product categories.

Her skills come from a combination of pratical, strategic, real retail experience, a Marketing degree, which has given her a customer and engagement focus, and long term social media use and contacts.  Using socal media as a tool to create exceptional retail, to enable engagement and reach further than we ever could ‘in the good old days’.

Nancy established Magnolia Solutions in 2008, in response to an increasing demand from retailers for marketing support.  She is now working with them on all aspects of their business to increase profitability and give them the lifestyle they seek.  Identifying the need for support & resources for independent retailers; she developed programs and strategies that are  realistic and achievable, based on her practical experience within the retail industry.

Nancy founded Paper Magnolia in 2004, initially as an importer of high quality products, then developed her own products in response to demand for Australian-designed and manufactured product.   Paper Magnolia now trades as an online business after Nancy built the website herself, her first case study!

In 2009, Nancy gave herself the challenge of finding a super low cost solution for Paper Magnolia’s online store.  “I knew what I wanted as a customer but the journey I embarked on, as a business setting up an online store, was unexpected and not as straight forward as I thought it would be”, she shares.

Nancy works with retailers, manufacturers, brands and service-providers in every aspect of their business, to create integrated marketing solutions online and offline, that are based on sound retail practices.  Her focus is on Customer Service, product, retail principles and retail as a craft.  Nancy works with clients beyond the strategy, she provides embedded support as required,  She utilises online and offline tools in a wholistic approach.

One of the most versatile tools that Nancy uses is Social Media.  She has been using this new media for over 3 years and is now an avid user and contributor in Social Media.  The networks built, the connections made and communication generated through Social Media provides clients with tools that were once out of their reach.  Nancy recognises the success of Social Media is when it is integrated with online and offline strategies.  Working with clients to develop and implement these strategies is the cornerstone of Magnolia Solutions.

In March 2010, Nancy co-founded Social Media Women.  They identified the need for a formal networking group that will encourage and assist women to participate more prominently in social media.  Having recognised the importance of social media, the group is a place to connect and share to support each other and build a community

Nancy works with associations and groups such as: Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), Gift & Homewares Australia (GHA) and shopping centres, including St Ives Shopping Village, to educate retailers on the importance of retail strategies with emphasis on Retail Marketing Tools, online and offline.  This partnership means that Nancy & the associations are able to supply resources and support to retailers across Australia that have been lacking.  Nancy launched the GHA’s Social Media program at the February 2010 GHA Home & Giving Gift Fair which was deemed a success by exhibitors and retailers.

Nancy’s relationships with local and international businesses enable her to draw on a wide variety of experiences and examples when working with her clients to find the best solutions and create profitable outcomes.  Her passion for customer service and retail means that she is able to think outside the square.

Nancy’s clients value her creative marketing solutions and strategies, that result in increased sales, higher profit, build stronger relationships with customers and provide structure and processes which are essential to their success.  She works closely with business owners and staff to ensure that new initiatives are absorbed and implemented by all members of the team.  She works with her clients to increase their bottom line by focusing on their store’s point of difference, product mix, staff training, systems & processes, media profile, customer relationships and visual presentation.

Education and information are Nancy’s focus in 2012.  Nancy has created Retail Marketing Seminars and released her first book, “7 Powerful Ways to Boost Retail Profits”, to inform and support independent retailers to help them adapt to the new retail climate.  Through her seminars Nancy is able to enlighten and support retailers around Australia, who are massively under resourced.

Nancy contributes insightful Retail and Marketing articles to trade magazines and websites that are retail-focused with practical observations, solutions and real-life examples.  Nancy enjoys the connections and opportunities that her extensive network brings.



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