Some of these testimonials can be viewed on Linkedin.

“Take Your Seat : Big shout out to Nancy – her advice is indispensable. Highly recommend to those who are at any stage of their business.”



@NancyGeorges Thanks for being such a gracious and welcoming host Nancy. Will definitely be joining you again.

Bronwyn Dennis, @OneDrumstick on Twitter



“@NancyGeorges We feel blessed to have experience your vibrant sunshine attitude and listen to you share your knowledge in retail businesses”

Reed Gift Fairs, Twitter

“Was so inspired by you Nancy… Love your energy, passion and everything you had to say… Thanks for planting the seed! Cassandra.”

Cassandra, Instyle Living Caringbah

“Thank you from team Take Your Seat. What an amazingly inspiration to all of us in #retail and #wholesale.”

Susanne, Take Your Seat

“I enjoyed listening to your talk yesterday at the Reed Gift Fair. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.”

Alisa Blackburn, Elite Dance, Gosford

April 2013


I was so humbled and honoured to receive such a lovely comment from the talented and generous Gretel Killeen, click here to view.

Since she spoke at Social Media Women last year, she has been very supportive of me and the community. Thank you Gretel x



I received this message after this week’s Social Media Women,

“Hi Nancy, I really enjoyed last night. I think it is just fab what you are doing. Very inspiring.” 

It’s messages like this that make my heart sing!!
I am so lucky to have the opportunity to do what I do with the gorgeous people who enjoy the group x


21 February 2012

“I have known Nancy Georges of Magnolia Solutions for the past two years.

In this time I have attended Nancy’s Social Media workshops and seminars and participated in her You Tube feeds during the AGHA fair in Sydney. I also subscribe to Dynamic Business, a publication Nancy regularly contributes to, and I am a member of Social Media Women.

Nancy has appeared as a guest speaker at a number of Hong Kong Trade Development Council seminars, providing SMEs with invaluable information on establishing an online presence, setting-up online payment systems, and targeting your audience. Nancy is an advocate for retailers & SMEs teaching them how to grow their business by means including source directly from the manufacturer.

Nancy is a highly competent and energetic presenter and business strategist. ”

Toni Wade

Marketing Manager
Hong Kong Trade Development Council


December 2011

“I met Nancy at a series of seminars organised by the marketing manager of St Ives Shopping Village.  Nancy’s seminars were jam packed with information and on that basis I engaged Nancy for a 4 hour Power Hour session.  Nancy’s pre-meeting questionnaire crystallised some issues for me even before I met her and allowed Nancy’s information to be totally focussed on our business (not just generalised advice).

I decided to roughly structure our meeting around Nancy’s book and the 7 key elements of increasing retail profit.  I took notes on that basis and it ensured I recorded 99% of what was discussed. In a prior life I was a consultant charging over $600 per hour for my advice.  I’m ashamed to say that I am not sure I ever provided the value-add to my clients that Nancy provided to me that day.  I was left with a very long list of “to do’s”, including “the how” and “the why” they were necessary.  Some things will take longer to implement than others as I am an owner/operator and a Mum!

However, all the advice Nancy provided will be integral to me taking my business forward and contending with social media and an on-line presence.

I can’t speak highly enough of Nancy, her energy and her expertise.  Make sure you are a very good note-taker because you will be given a lot of practical information, lots of things to do and think about and it is impossible to remember it all.  I can’t stress enough how Nancy’s advice was very, very specific to my business and the area I operate in – hence it is a huge ‘value add’.

I will be inviting Nancy back; I think a regular health check is an integral part of the business going forward.

Jennifer Berry, 

Adrienne and The Misses Bonney St Ives,
Shop 131, St Ives Shopping Village


31 March 2011

“I’ve known Nancy for a couple of years, and always felt she’s a bit of a marketing genius. This view was CONFIRMED BEYOND ANY DOUBT, once I attended two of her workshops, around web presence and social media for retailers.

Nancy’s presentation style and materials are superb, she knows online marketing and retailing from personal experience on both fronts, and not only talks the talk – she walks the walk!

It would be a privilege to recommend Nancy, as a marketing consultant, Retail specialist, and presenter.”

Raz Chorev

Social Media Director, Digital Marketing Consultant & LinkedIn Trainer
Orange Line