“Take Your Seat : Big shout out to Nancy – her advice is indispensable. Highly recommend to those who are at any stage of their business.”
February 2014



“@NancyGeorges We feel blessed to have experience your vibrant sunshine attitude and listen to you share your knowledge in retail businesses”

Reed Gift Fairs, Twitter

“Thank you from team Take Your Seat. What an amazingly inspiration to all of us in #retail and #wholesale.”

Susanne, Take Your Seat

“I enjoyed listening to your talk yesterday at the Reed Gift Fair. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.”

Alisa Blackburn, Elite Dance, Gosford


“At hair expo listening to @NancyGeorges great tips on social media and consumer behaviour!” Stephanie @the_beautybook

“Fantastic session on consumer behaviour and new trends well done”.  Martin Lazare @martysonline

“It was nice to meet you today and I loved your seminar. Was awsome”. Sami Nik



 ” It was a great seminar! For a busy small business owner, this is the most efficient way to  update my knowledge.

I have learnt a lot during the day. Nancy has not only given the introduction of e-commerce, social media etc, but also given all the details of each aspect. We have taken in so much by her wide knowledge and practical solution.

At the end of seminar, I got to know where my e-business should start and what’s the direction…
Thank you very much, Nancy! I am glad that I have chosen the right seminar to go.”

Ping Du Articool    www.articool.com.au


“Thank you for a very informative seminar!  The door to social media in my business has been some what closed for me, mainly due to the fact that I have not understood how it all actually works.

You have opened that door, and the possibilities and opportunities I now see are exciting and endless!  I cant wait to get my business up to speed with the Social Media world!”

Tina Di Lorenzo Di Lorenzo Pty Ltd www.dilorenzo.net.au


“Having only just launched online and thus, only being at the very tip of the social media iceberg, Nancy’s seminar “Show Me the Trolley” was fantastic.  The pace, the content, the enthusiasm and the practicality of the information she provided was all excellent and I walked away from that very brief introduction with a far better understanding of how it all works and a huge amount of work to do, which I am thrilled about.   It’s great to feel as if someone has given you the tools to move forward.”

Amanda Perille SIMPLY STATED  www.simplystated.com.au


What an action-packed day!  From start to finish, Nancy gave a high energy and engaging presentation which left everyone’s head spinning!  Spinning full of ideas, enthusiasm and renewed energy for their business.  You really feel like Nancy is a true ambassador, fighting the corner for the smaller retailers and wholesalers out there.  Her insights into the social networking arena opened up a whole new world of possibility.  Nancy’s passion for this business is very clear and infectious and her style very natural with a perfect balance of authority and humour.  It was certainly time and money well spent and it left me with a nice warm feeling that I am not alone out there!


Rebecca M Kirk Aspire   www.aspirebusinesssupport.com


“It was so wonderful listening to you last Tuesday in your seminar. You certainly know your stuff and impart your knowledge with such confidence and enthusiasm. I left the seminar feeling slightly overwhelmed with what I had to do – but at the same time in a great hurry to do it all… to catch up and then to be ahead of the game social media-wise.  But I certainly have a better understanding of what Sala Verde needs to do in coming months. As an online store with no showroom, I realize how imperative it is for me to get a grasp on how online marketing and social media can help me.”

Nikki Lisle Sala Verde   www.salaverde.com.au


“I came away feeling like it was money and time well spent and that I increased my knowledge.”


Thankyou so much for your time on Tuesday.  You covered a great deal of content in an efficient and concise manner.  You have also given me the motivation to take my online business to the next level.”


“…well presented and valuable info…”


“I found it totally informative, easy to follow and enjoyable.”


“Beneficial for the wealth of knowledge and information shared. Excellent data, examples and evidence to support points. Well researched. It helped me to realise that the process can be simple but also needs to be well thought out. It also helped me to put in context why I want to do what I want to do with the online aspect of the business.”


“Great, it put everything into perspective in logical, concise manner.”