In Any Economic Climate

by Nancy Georges

I am so excited to launch my first book. I wrote it as a tool to create a better retail business and share my insight and knowledge acquired over more than 20 years in retail and marketing.

Book Reviews: 7 Powerful Ways To Boost Retail Profits

I have written “7 Powerful Ways To Boost Retail Profits, in any economic climate” to help retailers, wholesalers, importers and manufacturers (who are ALL retailers in the modern sense) navigate the new world of retail.  Past practices will not cut it in today’s changing climate!

Today’s retailers need to know what the Retail Building Blocks are. Knowledge of good sound retailing and proper use of the tools that are available, that will help them ‘future proof’ their business.  Read more below.

Nancy Georges author of 7 Powerful Ways To Bosst Retail Profits, in Any Economic Climate

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Although each retail business is different, the key to a successful retail business is based on the same fundamentals.  These fundamentals are very relevant in the  ’new world’ that retailers are operating in.  It can get very overwhelming when assessing the impact of technology, the changing market and the new threats retailers have never faced before.  By investigating the essential tools and applying them it their own business, retailers are better equipped to move forward and grow.

There are 7 key areas vital to EVERY retail business’ success.

Given the current retail climate, it is now more important than ever to get back to basics to ensure that your retail business’ foundation is based on sound retail fundamentals.

Nancy has identified 7 fundamentals essential to every retail business and more importantly, the tools that ensure they are used properly.  These fundamentals need to be defined and applied to the business with the knowledge of the driving forces in today’s retail industry.

Retail is no longer retailer / supplier / brand driven exclusively run in a bricks and mortar location.

The consumer is the driver and the playing field is offline, online and mobile!  Do you know how your customer behaves in today?  Do you really know who your customer is and what they want?

This book has been written as a tool for independent retailers, although the principles can be applied to all types of retail, who have recognised the change in the market and want to ensure their business’ longevity and profitability.

I am not going to bombard you with statistics and doom and gloom.  What I want to provide you with are tools that will impact your business in a positive way and give you the successful retail business you want.

We will explore the 7 most important elements of a good retail business, that once established, form a solid foundation for the business to grow.  This is a great workbook that will guide retailers through the ‘new world’ we all operate in.  With practical tips and tools.

PRINTED BOOK  ::  $20.00 rrp
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