Websites Are Important To Every Business!

The lack of awareness of the benefits of a website are an indication that at least 50% of Australian businesses are run by people who are uninformed and out of date.

The convenience of a website in operation 24 -7 and the benefits such as being a business’ ‘secret sales person’ are only the start of the benefits a website brings to a business. Their main purpose, in my mind, is to meet the changing consumer expectations and behaviour. They EXPECT the businesses they deal with the have a GREAT website and if they find that this is not the case, the go to Old-Man Google and find one that does.

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Retailers MUST Embrace The Online Space Without Delay!

In July I was presenting Social Media Seminars at the GHA (Gift & Homewares Australia) Home & Giving Trade Show to Exhibitors and Retailers. It quickly became apparent to me that I was largely talking to an audience that had not yet dipped it’s toe into the online space let alone considered Social Media as a..

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