Innovation PitchFest started as a design competition and has evolved into a business that supports Australian designers and business from creative to commercial activity.2017 will see Innovation Pitchfest expanding to meet our members needs. Business Support with workshops, manufacturing offshore, selling in Australia and now expanding to Asia. 

IP began as an international collaboration between European retail giant Tchibo Germany, Australian trade fair leader Reed Exhibitions and retail consultant Nancy Georges, created to introduce unique Australian designs and products to the international marketplace.

Innovation PitchFest, a world 1st event now its second year, is a unique event that showcases Australian Talent, creating opportunities for Australian Designers and Businesses on a Global platform. Reed Exhibitions and retail consultant Nancy Georges have teamed up with renowned German retailer Tchibo, to bring Australian innovation and design to the retail community locally and internationally. This is an unprecedented opportunity that any small business could only dream about…until now!

The Top 20 designers and businesses, selected from hundreds of submissions, ‘pitch’ the features and benefits of their product. The expert judging panel, eliminate products in a series of Pitching rounds, until one business is awarded the winner.

The 1st Prize Winner, spends 4 days in Hong Kong with the Tchibo product team, gain access to Tchibo’s stores and world class manufacturing capabilities with the possibility to take Australian business global as well as local business support and exposure.

The winner isn’t the only business to benefit from Innovation Pitchfest.

All finalists – Top 20 –  will have access to the Tchibo manufacturing capability, fee free as well as exposure and promotion of their business and products. They will also have the chance to be featured in the HKTDC InnoDesignTech Expo in Hong Kong December 2016.

Previous Winners, Orbitkey, Leisco, MaCo and Cerachef have met with Tchibo in their Hong Kong office and are at various stages of working on their opening orders.

Innovation Pitchfest is a unique ‘world first’ event that will showcase Australian talent and
create opportunities for Australian businesses!

Together we, Reed Exhibitions, Tchibo Germany & Nancy Georges, are working to:

  • PROMOTE Australian products to the world
  • OFFER Australian businesses manufacturing opportunity with an experienced international manufacturer; using high quality materials, leveraging manufacturing economies of scale, who is also a retailer in Germany and Northern Europe
  • ATTRACT International buyers to Gift Fair and Life inStyle

Enter Innovation Pitchfest to:

  1. IP feb 2015 3Have access to world class manufacturing capabilities and expertise
  2. Have your product sold in Tchibo stores in Germany and northern Europe
  3. Spend 4 days & 3 nights in Hong Kong with Tchibo Executives
  4. Be part of the Innovation Pitchfest Showcase at HKTDC InnoDesignTech Expo December 2016
  5. Promote your product and business to Australia & the world
  6. Work with Business experts to take your business to the next level

 Have You:

  1. Designed and produced a product already sold in the Australian Market?
  2. Designed a product but want to manufacture more cost effectively?
  3. Designed a product but not sure where to start to manufacture?


Innovation Pitchfest Out of Towners



  • Designers, Inventors
  • Australian Businesses




  1. Hong Kong trip with Tchibo, 4 days & 3 nights ~ to talk business, visit one of the busiest retail markets in the world and enjoy the sights & sounds of Hong Kong
  2. 12 month Press Loft Premium Membership Package, worth $ 6 600.00
  3. Winning product submitted to the Tchibo Buying Team to be sold in their stores in Germany and Northern Europe
  4. Access to Tchibo’s world class Tchibo manufacturing plant, expertise and capabilities
  5. Be part of the Innovation Pitchfest Showcase at HKTDC InnoDesignTech Expo December 2016

* Winner may chose to utilise their existing manufacturing and not Tchibo’s.


  • 4 Hour Power Meeting with Magnolia Solutions’ Nancy Georges, The Retail Miss Fix It, valued at $1210.00


  • 4 Hour Power Meeting with Magnolia Solutions’ Nancy Georges, The Retail Miss Fix It, valued at $1210.00
  • Innovation Award from Intuit Quickbooks Australia



  • The winner isn’t the only business to benefit from the process, all Entrants will have access to the Tchibo manufacturing capability, fee free.
  • Top 20 will have the chance to be featured in the HKTDC InnoDesignTech Expo in Hong Kong December 2016
  • Top 20 will have access to business experts and commercial opportunities ongoing
  • Promotion online and in all press releases and media.
  • Experience in the international market



SYDNEY: October 2017 :  10.00 am & 4.00 pm



Designers & Businesses ‘Pitch’ the features and benefits of their product in a series of Pitch rounds – each one eliminating Pitchers, ultimately ending with one Business standing!



All businesses will be invited to submit their products or design innovation, either made or conceptual.

Product must be designed by the business.

We would love to see innovation and creativity in all submissions!!



  • Homewares
  • Lifestyle
  • Furniture
  • Fashion
  • Accessories


The following will help you assess the viability of your submission. Consider the following:

  • Design Innovation and Originality          • Sales Success and Commercial Viability
  • Unique to category                                      • Presentation of Product and Packaging
  • Customer Appeal and Value
                     • Marketing and Merchandising Activity
  • Innovation in Functionality
                      • Quality of Manufacturing



23 AUGUST 2017:             Submission Deadline. Click here to Enter.

4 SEPTEMBER 2017:       The TOP 20 Shortlist will be published

OCTOBER 2017:                Shortlisted businesses will then participate in 3 levels of Pitching before the winner is announced




“Tchibo is one of the biggest European retail companies operating in the field of consumer goods. With our unique business model of offering changing weekly collections of innovative, fashionable and creative products through our various sales channels we constantly surprise and delight our customers. To achieve this unique retail offering, we rely on our global network of partnering creative suppliers and innovators, from around the world. We very much appreciate the opportunity given by Reed and Magnolia Solutions to now step into the first collaboration with Australian Businesses and Creatives. We are more than excited and looking forward to sharing our expertise and experience the new product and concept ideas at the first ever Innovation Pitchfest in Sydney, Australia.”

Christoph Honnefelder , Director Products Tchibo


“We are delighted to be partnering with Tchibo to launch the first ever “Tchibo PitchFest” at Reed Gift Fairs.  The opportunity to facilitate this event and connect a well-respected global retailer and manufacturer with innovative Australian wholesalers and promote Australian designed products to an international marketplace is very exciting.  The “PitchFest” is a unique way to for a Retailer to source products at the Fairs and we look forward to wholesalers embracing this new initiative”

Sally de Swart | Group Director – Retail, Reed Exhibitions


“As a proud Australian and a former wholesaler and manufacturer, I am so excited to be creating this unique opportunity with two great organisations and their fabulous teams!! I have been looking for manufacturing solutions for Australian businesses, of every size, for many years and I believe that Tchibo will give Australian creatives a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to launch their product to the world! The PitchFest seems a logical initiative to put together after spending time with Tchibo and knowing the objectives to think outside the square at Reed. No matter how innovative and strategic we are in Australia, our market and population is limited, we need international markets to ensure local success and longevity. I have enjoyed working with Sally and Katherine and their Reed Exhibitions’ team on innovations at Gift Fair and look forward to supporting businesses wherever this road will take us!”

Nancy Georges, The Retail Miss Fix-it, Magnolia Solutions