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20 February 2012


Sportsgirl & Woollies trialling virtual stores, more from @Retail_Biz, click here to view article,  just as Tesco did in Asia before rolling out. Feedback from some customers using it, is that they didn’t have enough information about the product to make a decision to buy. To me it is obvious that this is important. They are just lazy – customers aren’t lemmings!! Would be great with product you already know though!!


16 February 2012


Tesco launched virtual stores in Korea & it seems that Sportsgirl have adapted the concept too: http://bit.ly/A0A0ww.  This is a great example of online and offline working together – for people who think they don’t need a store or physical representation… take note!


5 February 2012


If you have a Facebook business page, make sure you have reserved your own USERNAME.
You need to have more than 25 ‘likes’ to do this.

Visit www.facebook.com/username
>> then you can choose your username
>>then you can use it in your facebook address

My Business page is Nancy Georges, The Retail Miss Fix-it & my URL is http://www.facebook.com/NancyGeorgesRetailMissFixIt  rather than the super long one facebook gives you.


4 February 2012

Today marks Facebook’s 8 year birthday, launched 4 February 2004!

It was called ‘The Facebook’.   Here is the Wikipedia entry on Facebook.

Here was a screen shot.  Happy Birthday FB!

The Facebook


14 October 2011

Interesting article on Customer Service @smh.com.au :

  • 65% of Aussies always tell about bad service
  • 61% have lost temper in restaurants or shops
  • 86% have ditched a purchase over bad service

THEY VOTE WITH THEIR WALLET! Read more: http://bit.ly/rbBtrp 




4 October 2011

Lifestyle the draw in new chapter for bookshops
Interesting article from The Sydney Morning Herald – smh.com.au & even more interesting comments after it!

Read the article here.


29 September 2011

Love this from @DynamicBusiness “Top Office Pet Peeves” >> are these yours? do you have more? 🙂

Article here


29 September 2011

Pitchfest @ MyBiz Expo – Your chance to take your unique business idea and make it a reality. Find out more info at http://www.mybizexpo.com.au/


26 September 2011

RT @white_spaces: How Gen Y & Boomers are Reshaping Organisations and our Immediate Future. http://bit.ly/r76YIY #boomers #BUSINESS #finance > great read from uncluttered white spaces


“More Recruiters Like Facebook – gaining on Linkedin http://t.co/uYvNnuj via @WSJ”

Interesting read considering some of the chatter is that people are bored on Facebook…. although I just advise to get more interesting friends!!