I had the pleasure of presenting my Retail Essentials Seminar to some of the retailers at St Ives Shopping Village last week, the first of a series.  It is always a pleasure to meet retailers, who are already very skilled and successful and want to take their business further.

Below are some pictures of the stores.  More pics and a blog post coming soon!

The thing I like most about St Ives Shopping Village is that unlike other shopping centres, which all look the same and have the same stores in them, this one feels and IS different!  The atmosphere and feel of the centre itself is lovely, with plush carpet throughout.  The stores match the atmosphere and ambience, with creative shop fronts and assortment.  It looks like a lovely shopping street that has been put under cover!  Oh and did I mention parking is free???

St Ives Shopping Village is on Mona Vale Road, St Ives.