Real Chat; real people, real examples, real info!

I often get asked questions about business and social media & I know interesting talented people – so I thought I would combine them!

Using the great technology of the Google Hangout,  we will be chatting every 2 weeks (more or less depending on schedules!) about different topics and findings.
My partner in chat is the gorgeous Johanna Baker-Dowdell, head of Strawberry Communications & author of Business & Baby On Board.

If you would like to join us, you can:

  1. log into Hangout and Search ‘Real Chat’
  2. or Connect with me on Google+  here
  3. email me your email address and we will send an invitation, click here to email


These are regular hangouts so check in for dates -> Same bat channel: Google+ Hangout!


#5 ~ 5 August 2013 :: Social Media & Parenting

Nancy Georges and Johanna Baker-Dowdell talk everything Social Media Parenting ~ It’s a minefield for so many parents.  We talked about how to handle different aspects and offered some tips to parents.

The questions and conversation seem universal, every time I speak about it or discuss it with parents their concerns are the same.

If you would like us to speak at your school, please contact me, click here.




#4 ~ 5 July 2013  :: LinkedIn, Tips &  How To Maximise The Tool

We had another super ‘Real Chat’ on Google Hangout on Friday!

Nancy Georges and Johanna Baker-Dowdell chatted with Karalyn Brown about the ins & outs of Linkedin and her article “Why are there so few women in LinkedIn Top 100 most connected people?” Read it here.

We also discussed tips on how to use and get the most out of Linkedin – ENJOY!!

If the link isn’t working, click here to watch the hangout on YouTube.



#3 ~ 17 June 2013  :: Your Book, from Conception to Publishing

This morning’s Real Chat on Google Hangout with +Johanna Baker-Dowdell was on Writing your own Book: Conception to publishing, which we have both done.

My book is ‘7 Powerful Ways To Boost Retail Profits, In Any Economic Climate‘.

Johanna’s book is ‘Business & Baby On Board‘ on Twitter: @bizbabyonboard and on Facebook.

View the Real Chat #3 here :



#2 ~ 31 May 2013  ::  Crowd Funding

This morning’s Real Chat on Google Hangout with Nancy Georges and Johanna Baker-Dowdell was on Crowd Funding, I have been watching this mode for a while and Johanna funded her book by Crowd Funding.

Johanna’s book is ‘Business & Baby On Board‘ on Twitter: @bizbabyonboard and on Facebook.



#1 ~ 24 May 2013  ::  Social Media

Checkout the 1st Real Chat Google Hangout! Nancy Georges and Johanna Baker-Dowdell from Strawberry Communications: Writing & PR & I chatted about social media.