Nancy Georges 2010

presented by Nancy Georges

Technology is driving our businesses more than ever. This seminar is designed to give you the information to get you started and to define the world that we are now operating in.

The seminar is focused on and is tailored to RETAIL and is ideal for; retailers, wholesalers, importers, service providers, manufacturers etc.  At the end of this seminar, you will be equipped to take the next steps to ensure the longevity of your business.

Nancy has over 20 years of practical experience in retail, wholesale, importing, manufacturing & marketing, offering a unique insight based on reality not just theory.


WEDNESDAY 24 November 2010

10.00 am   –   12.30 pm

Level 1 Norton Plaza, 55 Norton St Leichhardt NSW


$33 billion dollars was spent online by Australians in 2009 > 43% of that went overseas!!

75% of Australian Households have the internet, giving Australian Retailers an easy path into their customers’ homes.

Online presence, E-commerce and Social Media are now necessary in every retailer’s marketing strategy.  A website and online store are no longer an optional extra – they are a vital necessity.

Marketing Tools have never been more accessible, but to be effective, they must be used properly.  The speed of development of technology and adoption by the consumer require most businesses to address these issues and how to incorporate them NOW!

Tools are not enough to get a great result, how to best use them is the key to success.

We will cover the Dos & Don’ts for your website & shopping cart as well as how to ‘ future-proof’ your online presence through incorporating Social Media and how to tie them all together strategically.

The Seminar will cover:

  • Website structure & requirements
  • E-commerce options
  • Website Dos & Don’ts
  • What is Social Media
  • What is not Social Media
  • Examples of key Social Media sites
  • Key differences in Social Media sites: including Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, You Tube, LinkedIn etc
  • New Marketing Tools – What’s next?
  • Customers vs Community
  • How to use Social Media to enhance Customer Service
  • How to use Social Media to build Community
  • Integrating Website, Social Media with your offline and online strategies & activities

Over 2 hours, you will learn more about these tools, learn how to select which one is best for your business and where to find what you need to progress.  Ample time will be allowed for QUESTIONS.  No question is too silly this is where you will learn about the ‘new world’.

This Seminar is for retailers, business owners & customer service specialists who want to know more about the online space and want to start with the right tips & information.

Numbers are limited to ensure attendees be given the attention required,
so please book your place promptly

COST includes:

* Morning Tea & Refreshments
* Handouts
* Complimentary first meeting with Nancy after the seminar

$  50.00 per person

$  75.00 for 2 people


Magnolia Solutions


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Websites & E-Commerce:

Websites and Shopping Trolleys are essential for EVERY business. There are so many options and decisions to be made which make it harder to get started.

A lot of money has been spent on bad websites over the past 5-10 years.  The seminar will cover new technology that ensures you will have a website that you can build and update yourself, that is ‘ future-proof’, not needing to be constantly rewritten.

You can add a shopping cart to your site whether you are selling one item, for example artwork, or multiple products.  But where do you start and how much money do you have to spend?
Your Online-Store needs to be an extension of your existing fabulous Customer Service,  so what questions do you need to ask yourself?

Shopping Cart format sorted? What about the payment gateways and options available to you? What is the best one for your needs?

Social Media

Customer Service and high level Customer Communication are vital to the success of any business.   The way we communicate has changed forever and the best communication tools are now available to everybody with an internet connection.

Using Social Media to enhance your customer’s Customer Service experience is the key to turning your customers into a community.

A strong, loyal community is the key to Social Media success.  As the community grows around your business, loyalty is strengthened, encouraging continued patronage as well as the community become your advocates, talking about your business based on their positive experience with you and share that spontaneously with their online community.

People talk about Social Media like it is a magic pill, it isn’t; and your mistakes are all too public if you don’t use it properly.

Understanding Social Media is the way you will develop the best strategy for your business that is in-line with Customer Service and communication.

Having used Social Media in my businesses, one service-based, Magnolia Solutions, and the other product-based, Paper Magnolia, as well as a new community group; Social Media Women, my knowledge and expertise are based on reality not theory.

About Nancy

I have over 20 years experience in retail and have drawn on my own experience with Paper Magnolia, to help retailers and business people create integrated marketing solutions online and offline, as owner at Magnolia Solutions.
Last year, I gave myself the challenge of finding a super low cost solution to get Paper Magnolia started selling online.  I knew what I wanted as a customer but the journey I embarked on as a seller was unexpected and not as straight forward as I thought it would be.  I hope my experience will help you start off on the right foot.

I work with retailers, manufacturers, brands and service-providers as their external Marketing Manager. My focus is on Customer Service and retail as a craft.  I utilise online and offline tools in a wholistic approach.  I am an avid user and participator in Social Media as an extension of my marketing activity.

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