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WHAT IS THE BUSINESS CREW:register interest in business crew

– a monthly meeting of 10 – 20 business owners (in person &/or online)
– who: discuss their issues, plan a solution + sales generating ideas,
– create actionable outcomes to measure against &
grow their business!


6 Week Masterclass: Life after Lockdown

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Business Owners, Professional Services, Managers, Retailers, Wholesalers (with your retailers), Start-ups , Chambers of Commerce, Business Associations
>>>> Anyone with a Customer!


If you ask yourself the questions below, the Business Crew is for you!



Retailers and small business owners are resourceful over-worked people, who need regular support that suits their time and budget constraints.

Today, business owners need to act like RETAILERS.  Retailers must be canny business people and business owners must act more like retailers who are in tune with their customers and adopt a fluid business model, that changes and reacts to the more connected customer.  The day of B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) have gone – it is now all about B2P – Business to People.

Nancy has worked with different sizes of businesses and has a wealth of experience to share.  She will be leading The Business Crew Meetings – they are not a social networking group, this is a business meeting that will yield results for businesses involved.

Meetings will cover a wide range of Topics & Areas, including but not limited to:

  • Trading through Covid
  • The New Customer in a Covid world
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Websites
  • E-commerce
  • Customer Service
  • Technology
  • Promotion
  • Collaboration
  • Business practices
  • Cash Flow
  • Sourcing
  • Staff Management
  • Staff Training

The Host, Coach, Advisor & Consultant: Nancy Georges: Each meeting will be organised by Nancy who will ensure that everyone gets the same attention and advice.

Businesses selected so as not to over lap in specialty, no duplication and no competition.

Meetings – 2.5 hours – monthly location dependant on group.

Support between meetings will be available via email and a private online group, accessible only by your group.

Cost dependant on the service / group type.

Confidentiality: Members will sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure that information is not shared or discussed outside of the group.

Commitment: after the 1st meeting, minimum 3 month commitment.

For the continuity of the group and to allow the process to unfold, we ask that you commit to 3 months.  Leaving the group requires 1 month notice or you can nominate your replacement.

Come to the first meeting to experience the program, commitment free.

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