• Not sure if you are taking the right direction with your website?

  • Need to revamp your store & not sure where to start?

  • Understand the need for Social Media but not sure how to knit it into your current activity?

  • Does your Management or Executive Team holding a discussion that needs an experienced adjudicator?

  • Are Staf not performing as you know they can but not sure how to optimise their output?


Our new Service – The 4 Hour Power Meeting – is the perfect way to help you move forward on a sound foundation, based on practical industry experience.


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Clients who I have worked with have benefited greatly from the 4 Hour Power Meeting. Jennifer Berry shared this:

“I met Nancy at a series of seminars organised by the marketing manager of St Ives Shopping Village.  Nancy’s seminars were jam packed with information and on that basis I engaged Nancy for a 4 hour Power Hour session.  Nancy’s pre-meeting questionnaire crystallised some issues for me even before I met her and allowed Nancy’s information to be totally focussed on our business (not just generalised advice).

I decided to roughly structure our meeting around Nancy’s book and the 7 key elements of increasing retail profit.  I took notes on that basis and it ensured I recorded 99% of what was discussed. In a prior life I was a consultant charging over $600 per hour for my advice.  I’m ashamed to say that I am not sure I ever provided the value-add to my clients that Nancy provided to me that day.  I was left with a very long list of “to do’s”, including “the how” and “the why” they were necessary.  Some things will take longer to implement than others as I am an owner/operator and a Mum!

However, all the advice Nancy provided will be integral to me taking my business forward and contending with social media and an on-line presence.

I can’t speak highly enough of Nancy, her energy and her expertise.  Make sure you are a very good note-taker because you will be given a lot of practical information, lots of things to do and think about and it is impossible to remember it all.  I can’t stress enough how Nancy’s advice was very, very specific to my business and the area I operate in – hence it is a huge ‘value add’.

I will be inviting Nancy back; I think a regular health check is an integral part of the business going forward.

Jennifer Berry, 

Adrienne and The Misses Bonney St Ives,
Shop 131, St Ives Shopping Village