Retail is tough right now, not just because of the economic climate but because the Retail Fundamentals have changed.

Consumers now drive the market and Retailers are not as in control as they once were.

In order to adapt and succeed in this new world of Retail, Retailers must:

  1. Understand what is happening in retail
  2. Find the best solutions for their business
  3. Implement it as quickly as possible with the correct strategy in order to succeed


Nancy has over 20 years of practical experience in retail, wholesale, importing, manufacturing & marketing, offering a unique insight based on reality not just theory.

Nancy has just released her first book  7 Powerful Ways to Boost Retail Profits covering the 7 basic elements of a successful retail business & how to use them, a great workbook for retailers.

Nancy Georges has structured her new seminars and e-books to help Retailers find their way.




  • Retail Essentials: what IS retail in 2011? –  7 powerful tools to boost retail profits
  • ‘Show Me The Trolley’, Website & E-commerce: how to get started, what you need to know to hit the ground running
  • Retail Marketing Tools: Social Media & more
  • Social Media, How-To
  • New Consumer Behaviour Online & Offline & The Implications For Businesses

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  • ‘Show Me The Trolley’, Website & E-commerce Optimisation & Integration: how to make your site work for your business & integrate it with your offline store / business
  • Using Social Media as a Retail Marketing Tool: How to use and integrate Social Media & more with your offline store / business



  • Retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • Business owners
  • Customer Service specialists
  • Importers

Who want to know more about the online space, how to develop their retail skills and want to start with the right steps & information.



At this stage, there are no fixed dates for seminars, separate to Nancy’s speaking engagements.

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Businesses, Associations, Chamber of Commerce and Shopping Centres are able to book the seminars for their members.
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About Nancy

As The Retail ‘Miss Fix It’ and the Chief of Ideas at Magnolia Solutions, I have drawn on my own experience of over 20 years in retail and with my first business Paper Magnolia, to help retailers and business people create integrated marketing solutions online and offline that are based on sound retail practices.In 2009, I gave myself the challenge of finding a super low cost solution to get Paper Magnolia started selling online.  I knew what I wanted as a customer but the journey I embarked on as a seller was unexpected and not as straight forward as I thought it would be.

At the same time, I started to use this new ‘thing’ called Social Media with great results!  In 2010 I co-founded Social Media Women and continue to support new social media users.

I hope my experience will help you start off on the right foot.

I work with retailers, manufacturers, brands and service-providers in various roles including external Marketing Manager. My focus is on Customer Service, product, retail principles and retail as a craft.  I utilise online and offline tools in a wholistic approach.  I am an avid user and participator in Social Media as an extension of my marketing activity.


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