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Remember, our session was all about awareness – of what you need to know and what is happening online – in the language and speed that is used.  The real work begins with you now!!

Below you will find:

– the Online Activity – in REAL TIME!

– Videos

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I think this is a great illustration of how prolific the use of social media is. It is updated as you view so sit down with a cup of coffee and take it all in!

Thank you to Gary Hayes who supplied the links on his site :


Watch the 3 videos below in order.  Great way to convey the changes in the world as a result of technology and Social Media!

Social Media Revolution


Social Media in Action


Prepare for the New Global Economy


Links To Social Media Sites:

– Facebook:

– Twitter:

– YouTube:

– Pinterest:

– Instagram: – access the app on smart device (phones or tablets)

– Tumblr:

– Polyvore:


Cool blogs:


Hello Giggles

Vogue Tumblr


From the Point of View of a Teenager:

Tavi Gevinson – world famous & one of the few I would consider worth reading / listening to


Funny Videos:

Old Spice ad (you’re welcome ;-))

Grand parents learning skype (sooo funny!!)



Do you know what your kids are watching??

The Janoskians are hot right now but their behaviour and thinking is not what you want your kids to watch!!
Check out every band and play they want to see and discuss it with them!!


 Great info and insight from Tanith Carey, author of “Where has my daughter gone?”


An app for kids, by a kid: meet the 9-year-old co-creator of ‘Super Fun Kid Time’ –


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