Nancy Georges
Marketing, Retail & Customer Strategist & Implementer

Nancy is a business and marketing strategist, with over 25 years experience in business development, entrepreneurship, retail, marketing, strategic planning, wholesale, product development, customer service, training & manufacturing in a diverse range of retail environments & product categories, in Australia, Asia, USA and Europe.

Nancy is a keynote speaker and trainer on a wide range of topics that are focused on all aspects of customer / community engagement; Retail Fundamentals, The New Customer, Social Media, Website & E-Commerce, Customer Service and Strategic Planning.

Nancy started Magnolia Solutions in 2008 in response to an increasing demand from retailers for marketing support. She works with Businesses, Associations, Retailers, Shopping Centres, Councils, Chambers of Commerce, manufacturers & service providers on all aspects of their business based on my practical experience within the retail industry.

Her expertise is in all areas of retail, marketing and digital integration ensure that Nancy is able to address and develop client’s needs to ensure the business’ growth and profitability.

Nancy is a social media expert who is sharing her skill and know-how with clients, at conferences, seminars, workshops and masterclasses.   She created The Business Crew, a monthly meeting designed to support empower and encourage retailers & small business owners to navigate their way through the new connected marketplace and create their own advisory ‘boards’.

Nancy created Innovation Pitchfest in 2015, a world first event, to reward & promote design and innovation in product design and invention. The event supports the industry in Australia & internationally. Following our first delegation to Hong Kong in December 2016 we are now developing a platform to support designers in all activities from creative to commercial.

Nancy started Social Media Women in 2010, to create more informed and connected social media users. She organised monthly meetups in Sydney with invited experts from all fields to share their journey and share information.

Nancy wrote “7 Powerful Ways to Boost Retail Profits, In Any Economic Climate” ,in 2010, to help retailers reconnect with the basic fundamentals of a successful retail business.


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