[bq type=”bubble” id=”tina-di-lorenzo-testimonial” author=”Tina Di Lorenzo” profession=”Di Lorenzo Pty Ltd” company=”www.dilorenzo.net.au” separator=”|”]Thank you for a very informative seminar! The door to social media in my business has been some what closed for me, mainly due to the fact that I have not understood how it all actually works. You have opened that door, and the possibilities and opportunities I now see are exciting and endless! I cant wait to get my business up to speed with the Social Media world![/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”amanda-perille-testimonial” author=”Amanda Perille” profession=”SIMPLY STATED” company=”www.simplystated.com.au” separator=”|”]Having only just launched online and thus, only being at the very tip of the social media iceberg, Nancy’s seminar “Show Me the Trolley” was fantastic. The pace, the content, the enthusiasm and the practicality of the information she provided was all excellent and I walked away from that very brief introduction with a far better understanding of how it all works and a huge amount of work to do, which I am thrilled about. It’s great to feel as if someone has given you the tools to move forward.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”rebecca-m-kirk-testimonial” author=”Rebecca M Kirk” profession=Aspire” company=”www.aspirebusinesssupport.com” separator=”|”] What an action-packed day! From start to finish, Nancy gave a high energy and engaging presentation which left everyone’s head spinning! Spinning full of ideas, enthusiasm and renewed energy for their business. You really feel like Nancy is a true ambassador, fighting the corner for the smaller retailers and wholesalers out there. Her insights into the social networking arena opened up a whole new world of possibility. Nancy’s passion for this business is very clear and infectious and her style very natural with a perfect balance of authority and humour. It was certainly time and money well spent and it left me with a nice warm feeling that I am not alone out there! [/bq]